Stamped Overlays

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To create the natural look and feel of another material other than concrete at a more affordable price, texture and color is added to the substrate to make it resemble brick, tile, cobblestone, flagstone, wood, fossils, shells and many more. Due to the wide variety of textures, options, colors, color combinations, and patterns, stamped concrete overlays is the choice of many, for beautifying their floors, entries, driveways, pool decks, courtyards, and patios.

Stamped concrete overlays are durable, easy to maintain, and offer endless design options. They are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, interior and exterior.

The process involves pouring the overlay material into the existing concrete. This overlay material is imprinted with rubber imprinting stamps that resemble the desired pattern, before it hardens. Releasing agents are used to prevent the concrete from sticking to the stamps when released. The stamped concrete overlay is then tinted with color and stained.

Replacing concrete can be expensive and time consuming. Let ROCKWELL CONCRETE's stamped concrete overlays swiftly transform your area by covering your existing concrete with fresh color and texture.

Appian Cobble Stone
Arizona Flagstone
Ashlar New England Slate
Basketweave Used Brick
Belgium Slate Tile
Boardwalk Stamp 4'-12
Boardwalk Stamp 6'-12
Boardwalk Stamp 8'-12
Cut Stone Cobble Stamp
European Fan Large Stone
European Fan Small Stone
Herringbone Belgium Slate
Herringbone Stamp
Italian Slate Tile 12x12
London Cobble Stone
Old Cobble Stone
Old Granite Tile 3/8
Old Granite Tile Stamp 1/8
Old Granite Cleft Stone
Random Boardwalk Stamp 6
Random Garden Stone
Sandstone Hammered Edge
Roman Slate Tile 12x12
Running Bond Used Brick
Saltillo-Mexican Tile 12 x 12
Seamless Italian Slate
Seamless Roman Slate
Seamless Sandstone Light
Seamless Sandstone Light
Soldier Course Used Brick